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Friday, November 14, 2008

Woow! Thanks God

This was the first internet related workshop for me, my be it won't be the last.
The training was organized by MISA in collaboration with the VIKES Foundation of Finland; the International Solidarity Foundation of the Union Journalists and other Finnish media organizations.
We were 19 participants coming from media houses, colleges, and universities. In fact it was the great place were we had chance to know each other and share diverse experiences.!In fact the class was so wonderful, Thanks God.
Our facilitator, Mr Peik Johansson from Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE Radio Finland , showed and tought us on how people in Finland and other European countries get their services done via internet. We checked on how to purchase ticket via Internet and we went further by visiting some local and international websites.
In day two, Mr. Peik showed us how to make a blog, and we started blogging and making new posting to our blogs that we created.
The following day, we had the assignment of posting ideas we got after yesterday training by using our source which was a speech by Rupert Murdoch.
After class we had a reception party at the embassy of Finland it was so fun!
Also we had a time to visit local and international websites and made comments for what we h’ve seen good and bad, the same day we learned how we could link our blog with local and international websites.
Then the last day we had a guest lecturer at our workshop, Maggid Mjengwa, I knew him
The guy presented to us his blog
Mr Maggid showed us how to add picture (s) in our blogs. The lesson added value to our blogs, now you can see pictures in there.
In short we learnt a lot of things related to internet surfing and blogging. Since then, I found myself becoming a constant visitor of websites, using it as on of the tools of information.

In fact, I came to realise that, perhaps I needed more time than a week to become a mogul in the field.
Thanks MISA, thanks Finland for doing such a wonderful thing to us.
Ooh thanks Peik, you are such a wonderful teacher, I learnt so many things from u' I'll remember you always.

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